Course map details:

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  - Half Marathon
  - 10km Run
  - 5km Run/Walk
  - 1km Active Kids Run

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Multi-Loop Course Maps:

The looped 5km course will allow a fantastic vantage point for spectators and family to join in the atmosphere of the Twilight Bay Run. Cheer on your friends and family and keep track of how they are going online with live split results. Each distance will have timing split points, so family members can track your progress out on course.

Half Marathon

Participants will complete 2 loops of the 5km course. The 3rd and 4th laps will both include an extra section of 550m to make up the full half marathon distance. Timing mats will be located at this point to ensure participants complete the entire course. This will all be clearly signed.

Twilight 2013 Half Marathon Course Map


10km Run

Participants will complete 2 loops of the 5km course to ensure an accurate 10km distance

Twilight 2013 10km Course Map


5km Run/Walk

Participants will complete 1 loop of the 5km course to ensure an accurate distance

Twilight 2013 5km Course Map


1km Active Kids Run

Participants will follow a 500m out and back course

Twilight 2013 1km Course Map


Fly over the 3D Twilight Bay Run course

Course Profile - Ready to set a PB?

ITwilight Bay Run - Course Profile