You probably already know that your body is around 60% water. In order for your brain, muscles and organs to function at their best, this hydration level needs to remain constant. Even if you’re pushing pencils and not your limits, expects say that hydration is important. If you are exercising regularly, drinking Lucozade Sport should definitely be part of your regime. Here is why:

Fluid Loss
During high intensity or prolonged exercise your body generates a lot of heat. To encounter this, you start to perspire and the concentration of water in your system starts to decrease. Water loss of greater than 2% of body weight* increase fatigue and impairs alertness. As fluid loss increases, so does the severity of its effects. Lucozade Sport is formulated to enhance the absorption of water and help you maintain perfect hydration.

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Not Just Water
during prolonged exercise the body sweats to dissipate the heat generated by the working muscles. Fluid as well as electrolytes (predominately sodium) are lost in the process. Sodium plays an important role in stimulating fluid uptake from our gut.

Scientifically Formulated
Lucozade Sport is formulated to tackle this reduction in the body’s carbohydrate stores. It provides the fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes required to sustain endurance performance.

*2% of body weight equals – 1.4L of fluid lost for a 70kg man